“The Voluptuary”                  [See "The Voluptuary" Portrait]

Character Portrayal and Narrative Assignment


After studying and discussing “The Voluptuary” by Gillray, imagine that you actually have an opportunity to meet the Prince of Wales yourself.  Decide for yourself now:  How will you portray the Prince?  Is he as irresponsible and disgusting as Gillray portrays him?  Or has Gillray misrepresented the Prince?  Is he really a nice, thoughtful leader?  Is he someone who has just made a few mistakes, but is trying to make up for them? 


Imagine you’re a reporter who has accepted an invitation to meet and eat dinner with the Prince of Wales at his mansion.  Imagine all the details of meeting this man and having a meal with him.  Then write a narrative about your experience for your newspaper.  Describe the moment of your meeting, how the Prince looks and acts, the meal you have together and the room you eat it in, and how your time with the Prince concludes.  Be sure to convey to your readers how you want to portray the Prince.  Is he as bad as everyone says or not?


  • Make sure you tell the full story of your dinner with the Prince, from the moment of meeting until you left.  This will take several paragraphs, so make sure you break into new paragraphs as appropriate.
  • Make sure you describe the Prince’s physical appearance, actions, and surroundings in a way that will convey a particular portrayal.  Keep in mind:  How do you want your AUDIENCE to react to the Prince?  (like him, hate him, pity him, etc.)
  • Use a variety of specific adjectives and similes in your narrative.
  • Use a variety of imagery (sight, smell, taste, touch/feeling, sound)
  • Include some of the dialogue you have with the Prince in your narrative.  You must include AT LEAST 4 lines of dialogue in correct story form.
  • Create a title for your newspaper article and write your name as a by-line under it at the top of your paper.  (example of a by-line:  By Ms. Spachman)
  • PROOFREAD AND EDIT your work.
  • LENGTH:  2 pages (one side) hand written OR 1.5 pages double spaced, typed, with 1” margins and 12 pt. Times/Arial font.  (NOTE: if you “publish” your article—see Extras below—the length of your article will appear longer). 


  • Typing, as always, is extra credit.
  • Actually write out your narrative to look like a published news article.  Look at newspapers you might have at your home and mimic the layout of a newspaper article, including paying attention to how your title and by-line should look for such an article.