A look at your work from Tone Exercise #3…


B—admiring       When you read the passage you can tell by the words he’s using.  He describes the frakenstein very proffcently so ya, he’s “admiring” the creature.







#2 Passage B—I chose admiring because it is describing the creature so it is like you could picture it.








Passage D—suspenseful       It is suspenseful because everyone is coming to the forest little by little.  Everyone is just coming from know where.  That scare me, just people coming from know where.







#4  Passage C—The tone in passage C is fearful.  The three phrases that best describe the fearful tone in passage C are “bleak December” (a phrase that brings an eerie, quiet feeling), “separate dying ember wrought a ghost” (a phrase that implies as each ember dies, it brings a ghost), and “I wished the morrow” (a phrase that means he is so scared that he wishes it to be day/wishes the night was over).