—The Personal Narrative—

Writing Assignment

————————   ib survey literature   ————————

 ASSIGNMENT:  Take one of your “Stories I Could Tell” ideas and after planning your story, write the complete story of that experience.



 LENGTH*:    4 pages minimum (single spaced, handwritten, one side of paper only, neatly done!)

OR (for ROUGH DRAFT; typing is mandatory for your FINAL DRAFT) 

3  page minimum (double spaced, typed, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins)

Your story should read like a real story, not a summary.  Be descriptive enough so that when your audience reads it, they will be able to feel like they’ve lived through the experience with you.


INCLUDE (check them off once you’ve included them!):

š           a variety of imagery, specific adjectives, & figurative language (similes, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, metaphors)

š     some dialogue in story form (even if you are the only character)

š     a clear mood (or even more than one mood if your story necessitates a mood shift) created through specific word choices

š     a definite character portrayal of AT LEAST one character (it may be yourself depending on your story); your portrayal must communicate (via your tone) how the audience should feel about the character (e.g.:  If your narrative is about the time you fought the school bully—conflict of person v. person—you will want to vilify the bully so your audience hates him/her.)

š     use of one or more narrative elements like foreshadowing, flashback, in medias res, a cliffhanger

š     an engaging beginning and a purposeful ending

š     an original title  (DO NOT title your story: The Day I …)

š     Your FINAL draft must have an artistic cover appropriate for your story



     Be sure your story has a plot!

          You absolutely must proofread and edit your story to eliminate errors, especially for the final draft.  Ask your classmates for help on this, and if necessary, schedule a time with Ms. Spachman to work through editing your narrative.

          FOR YOUR ROUGH DRAFT:  Typing = extra credit  (It must be printed out to turn in on the day it’s due.)



 The first draft of your narrative is due on Friday, Nov. 14th (no lates allowed for credit! that means no green coupons will be taken in substitute for the assignment) (50 pts.)

*The final draft of your narrative MUST BE TYPED, and it is due on ___________________________________________________ (100 pts.)