Pre-Relay Color List Assignment 

DUE: _______________________________


  1. Write down 10 of the most interesting color words you can find (and the “basic” color group each belongs to).  By "interesting," I mean a more sophisticated synonym for "red," "yellow," "blue," etc. (See example below.)

  2. Under each color word, write down (in complete  sentences) 1 or 2 associations you have with that word, explain why you have those associations, and decide whether your color word has positive or negative connotations.



Tangerine (color group: orange)

I associate “tangerine” with sunsets and Florida.  I associate it with Florida because tangerines are like oranges, and Florida is famous for growing oranges.  The reason I associate it with “sunset” is because tangerine seems to be a very vibrant and juicy color.  To me, sunsets are also that same glowing orange shade and they ooze down into the horizon the same way tangerine juice oozes and drips off your chin.  Overall, I think “tangerine” has positive connotations.