Tago:  Mini-Character Sketch

 In small groups, take the following sentences from previous work you’ve done and use them to “make Tago come alive as an innocent and adorable 6 year-old.”  You should not simply write all of the sentences out like they are into a paragraph.  Instead, you should combine sentences, cut out a few ideas/words, add a few ideas/words, and weave sentences together.  In the end, your group should have a 1-3 paragraph mini-character sketch that portrays Tago as “innocent and adorable” as well as allows your audience to see him in action.

 To see Tago again, click here.



Portrayal:  adorable and innocent


Physical Description Sentences:

His energetic youth twinkles in his flawless, hazel eyes.


His mahogany hair looks like ropes that playful, energetic monkeys swing on.


Tago’s cheerful smirk and cherubic dimples are as sweet as sugar.


His skin is kissed by the sun.



Setting Sentences: 

The tall evergreen trees were reflected in the already beautiful, mystic green of Tago’s eyes.


The Tweety-yellow sunflowers surrounding him playfully sway in the wind like his hair.


The sun rays in the powder blue sky shine down warmly on Tago, making him glow.



Action Sentences:

He scampers through the sunflower field looking for butterflies.  Running behind a tall, green stalk, Tago ducks down, pretending he’s in a game of hide-and-go-seek with the butterflies.  Suddenly, he jumps up, his hands skipping through the leaves of the sunflower trying desperately to catch a butterfly hovering above its sunny blossom.


Tago walks down the dirt road, then ducks into a big sunflower field.  He picks some sunflowers for his parents.


He tries to touch the highest sunflower to pull it down.


Tago skips to school along a scenic route.


Tago runs freely through the field singing his favorite song.