Tago:  Mini-Character Sketch

In small groups, take the following sentences from previous work you've done and use them to “make Tago come alive as a homicidal 6 year-old.”  You should not simply write all of the sentences out like they are into a paragraph.  Instead, you should combine sentences, cut out a few ideas/words, add a few ideas/words, and weave sentences together.   In the end, your group should have a 1-3 paragraph mini-character sketch that portrays Tago as “homicidal and enigmatic” as well as allows your audience to see him in SUBTLE action.

 To see Tago again, click here.



Portrayal:  homicidal and enigmatic


Physical Description Sentences:

Tago’s mysterious smile looks like a demon’s eye watching your every move.


His smirking and squinting eyes make you feel trapped at a dead end with fright creeping up your spine.


The dreadlocks swing and spill over his face, obscuring his skin with shadows.



Setting Sentences:

The sunflowers shadow the small figure as he continues on his hunt.


The yellow of the sunflowers are like a hazard sign sending you a message to stay away from him.


The open field surrounded by skyscraping trees and towering sunflowers is the ideal place for his murderous plans. 


The sky is blue like a strangled person’s face as their body lays lifeless.



Action Sentences:

Tago reaches out to select the next sunflower for his bouquet.


He walks down the road, awaiting a car.  He needs a nice, gullible couple, people who cannot resist his impish grin.


A teal blue car cruises along the dusty road when suddenly, out of nowhere, the boy appears in front of it.  Braking, the car spins off the side of the road and flips over.  The boy walks toward the car.  The smile on his face spreads with every step on the dirt road; it is a grin of accomplishment.