Descriptive Exercise #1a                        

 Todayís exercise is for us to examine which sentence in each of the following pairs is more descriptive.

In other words, which of the following sentences is better at doing one or both of the following:

1.      Helping you create a picture/experience in your head (imagery).

2.     Helping you feel something about the subject being described.

As part of our discussion, we will want to discuss why certain words or phrases make one sentence more descriptive than the other.

Pair #1

a)      The swirls of the shell spiral into a sharp, inky black point.

b)      The tip of the shell is black and looks like a pen.



Pair #2

a)      The house was pretty and blue with shutters.

b)      The house, the color of the sky, sat like a princess on a grass throne.



Pair #3

a)      The dream was scary and it was the worst nightmare Iíve ever had.

b)      I woke up paralyzed in my bed, my skin trembling from the chest-crushing horror of the nightmare.



Pair #4

a)      The sequins on her lipstick red dress sparkled like fireworks as she danced.

b)      The dancer wore a stunning red dress.