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Greek God Character Sketch Assignment

You will be publishing this assignment on the Collaboratory e-portfolio.  Your character sketch must be complete and published there no later than 4 pm, Monday, December 6.


Imagine your god or goddess in one of the following situations and write about your god or goddess in 3rd person point of view to create a character sketch of your god/goddess.  As you write, you must:

  1. Exhibit your descriptive writing skills from first quarter.
  2. Demonstrate your thorough understanding of who your Greek God is.
  3. Inform (by SHOWING, not TELLING) other students about who your Greek God is, what s/he is known for, and what s/he is like.


REQUIREMENTS:  (Check them off to make sure you’ve done them.) 


Write your character sketch in the 3rd person point of view.




Situate your god/goddess in one of the following settings and situations:


o       Your god is attending/hosting a banquet on Mount Olympus with several other gods/goddesses.  (You should begin your sketch from the moment your god arrives to the moment s/he leaves.)

o       Your god is at home, alone, on a Saturday afternoon.  (You should use the setting of your god’s home to help convey who your god is.)

o       Your god is attending a sporting event/competition that is being given in her/his honor. (The type of event and your god’s behavior at this event should help convey who your god is.)





ü     Physical description of the god/goddess including face, body, clothing. Make sure to


provide a variety of imagery (sight, smell, taste, touch/feeling, sound) SHOW with vivid adjectives, other vivid language, and figurative language—use similes, hyperbole (over-exaggeration), onomatopoeia, metaphor, etc.


ü     Description of the god/goddess’s actions




ü     Description of the god/goddess’s personality




ü     Description of the setting  (use a variety of imagery)






ð     Descriptions of the god/goddess’s emotional/mental state (SHOW more than TELL)


ð     Dialogue in correct story form (remember:  dialogue is said ALOUD)


ð     Other characters describing or giving information about the god/goddess


ð     The god/goddess’s internal monologue moments




Make sure you have described the god/goddess’s physical appearance, actions, and surroundings in


a way that will convey a particular portrayal.  Keep in mind:  How do you want your AUDIENCE to react to the god/goddess?  (like him/her, hate him/her, pity him/her, be afraid, etc.)



Create a title for your piece.  Be more creative than titling your work with the name of your god.




Include a picture of your god/goddess in your Collaboratory document.




PROOFREAD & EDIT your work by reading it aloud slowly (or having someone else read it aloud


to you).  Don’t become a MUG shot!  (Computer program spellcheckers are nice, but they aren’t always right, so you should read (aloud) through your work even AFTER you’ve spellchecked.)




LENGTH:  It is recommended that you write 4 or more paragraphs.  You will publish your


document on the Collaboratory.  (Shared document = extra credit).


 This assignment is worth 65 points (writing grade).


(no lates!!!)


 =  edit button (if you ever need to edit or make changes to you document, use this button—which should appear next to items like your title, any pictures you insert, or your writing—to edit the element you wish to change)

Directions for submitting to the Collaboratory E-Portfolio:

  1. Sign into the Collaboratory as you normally would.
  2. Once the Collaboratory loads, locate the yellow “e” button on the left side of your screen.  Click on that.  This will open the e-portfolio.
  3. The e-portfolio should automagically open to IB Survey Literature 2004-2005 Binder.  In that binder is a folder called “Greek Gods Character Sketch Assignment.”  Double-click on the folder.
  4. Once in the folder, you will see two tabs; one says “My Documents” and the other says “Shared Documents.”  The folder should have opened to the “Shared Documents,” and you should see a file called “The Horse Warrior.” This is part of a sample document you can see based on this assignment.
  5. To make your own document, click on the “My Documents” tab.  Then click the “New Document” button.
  6. Type in a title for your document.  (You can always change your title later by clicking on the little pencil button next to your title when you are editing your document.)  Click “save.”
  7. Now that your document has been created, you can start typing.  To write, click on the part that says, “Click here to insert text.”  SAVE OFTEN.  To go back and add more writing or to edit what you’ve written, just click the little pencil button next to your text.
  8. To add a picture to your file (Yes, you MUST add a picture), click where it says to insert a picture.  Choose “Link to Media” and pick one of the pictures from your media file.  Your picture should portray your god/goddess similar to the way you plan on portraying him/her in your character sketch.  Add a caption for your picture and re-size it if you need to (make it bigger or smaller).  Warning:  Really small pictures will not look good if you try to make them much bigger, so you might want to pick a different picture if you’re having that problem.  (You can edit or change your picture later by clicking on the little pencil button next to the picture in your document.)
  9. ONE MORE THING:  For EXTRA CREDIT on this assignment, you must change the status of your document to “Shared.”  Use the “Change Status” button and select “Shared.”  Then, click “Save.”