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Greek God Character Sketch Brainstorming

 The purpose of this assignment is 3-fold.

  1. This assignment is meant to reinforce your descriptive writing skills from first quarter.
  2. This assignment should demonstrate your thorough understanding of who your Greek God is.
  3. This assignment should inform other students about who your Greek God is, what s/he is known for, and what s/he is like.

Today, work to refresh your memory about your god/goddess, fill in the holes of your research as needed, and start brainstorming for your character sketch of your god/goddess.



Who is your god/goddess? (For this question, you should write down a very thorough answer that captures all of the most important information about who your god is, what s/he is known for, and what s/he is like.)









How will you portray your god/goddess?






Setting and Situation, pick one.

        Your god is attending/hosting a banquet on Mount Olympus with several other gods/goddesses.  (You should begin your sketch from the moment your god arrives to the moment s/he leaves.)

        Your god is at home, alone, on a Saturday afternoon.  (You should use the setting of your godís home to help convey who your god is.)

        Your god is attending a sporting event/competition that is being given in her/his honor. (The type of event and your godís behavior at this event should help convey who your god is.)



Elements of a Character Sketch

(Start jotting down descriptions and ideas you plan on using in your character sketch about your god for each appropriate character sketch element below.  Note: If you choose to set your god at home on a Saturday, other characters talking about your god isnít an appropriate element to use.)

  • physical description of your god (face, body, clothing, etc.)





  • description of your godís actions





  • description of your godís emotional/mental state





  • description of your godís personality





  • internal monologue moments (includes what triggers them) for your god





  • dialogue between your god and other characters (esp. family members???)





  • other characters describing or giving information about your god





  • description of the setting