Artists, Rebels, and Revolutionaries

 Mini-Research Assignment #1—PART TWO


  1. CHOOSE ONE of the people you researched yesterday (you must have a print-out of biographical information on this person).
  2. ACTIVELY READ the printed article/information on your person.  As you read you MUST:

·        Look for really IMPORTANT information, i.e., the sort of information that gives you the basics of who this person was, when they lived, why they were important then, and why they important now.  HIGHLIGHT this information and in the margin next to the highlighting (for EACH item) mark “VI” or something to show it’s “very important.”

·        Look for other really interesting tidbits about this person that you might want to share with someone who doesn’t know about them.  HIGHLIGHT these (in another color if you want) and mark in the margin “IT” or something else to show it’s “interesting trivia.”



Do not highlight everything.

Do not highlight huge chunks of information.

Be selective because eventually you’ll need to boil all this info down into a tiny summary.