Journal #3 ‘Master Harold’ ...and the Boys

Due for class discussion on Thursday (if you are not signed out) and/or Friday (if you are not signed out).

Complete the following assignment and bring to class on the date due.  You can also post your response on-line in the "Master Harold" blog.

Techniques, techniques....

1.  The songs.  Take a look at the lyrics of a couple of the songs in 'Master Harold.'  You can get the lyrics of "You're the Cream in my Coffee" and "Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day)" through my website.  Discuss the significance of these songs within the scenes they appear in and within the play as a whole.  What effects are these songs supposed to have?

2.  The setting.  Consider the setting of this play.  It all takes place in an ordinary diner/restaurant.  Discuss the significance of that within the play/the effect(s) that has on the audience.

3. The phone calls.  Why phone calls?  Why not have mom and dad (or one of them at least) show up in this play in person?  Effects?

4.  The beginning... the end.  The play begins and ends with Sam and Willie alone on stage, their relationship framing the interaction with Hally.  Does this technique server to highlight the importance of Hally's presence or does it marginalize him?  Explain your opinion and how your interpretation is significant to the play as a whole.