Journal #2 for “Master Harold”

Complete the following assignment for 4/19.  (Complete after reading the whole play.)

1.  Hally and Sam start having a debate/discussion on page 16 (page #’s might differ in your version) about men of magnitude.  Look back over pages 16-23 and think about the choices each character makes for a "man of magnitude."  Choose either Hally or Sam to focus your attention on.

2.  Once you've chosen Hally or Sam to focus on, look closely at each of their choices for a "man of magnitude."  What do these choices tell us about Hally/Sam?  How do their reactions to the other's choices inform us about Hally's/Sam's character?

3.  Think a little further now.  Aside from character development, why else do you think Fugard is including these choices for a "man of magnitude" in this play?  What effects are created for the audience given the play as a whole?