Learning Report and Reflection                                      October 3, 2003

IB Survey Literature with Ms. Spachman                              (Week 5, Q1)

 Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who sent back comments and questions on the last learning report.  I really appreciate having the opportunity to learn more about your sons and daughters.

This week you should be receiving this learning report with a folder of your studentís work and his/her current grade report for my class.  This folder contains some, not all, of the work your student has been doing for Survey Literature.  Your student should return this folder with the work, but I wanted you both to have an opportunity to look at it together before progress reports arrive home next week.  If you have any questions about the work, my comments, or your studentís grade, please let me know by responding in the parent/guardian section below.

The other important thing Iíd like to share with you is that the syllabus for this class will be changing a little.  I will be meeting with the other IB English teachers at Curie soon to revise the Survey Literature syllabus, and as soon as I have it changed, I will send it home for you to see.

Thank you again for your time and your comments.  I am so glad to have your son/daughter in my class.

Ms. S. Spachman



Please write a few sentences answering the following questions.  Continue on back if needed.

  1. How well do you think your current grade reflects your performance in this class?  Why?  Explain your specific thoughts.
  2. What realistic suggestions do you have for me to help you learn and be successful in this class?










PARENT/GUARDIAN RESPONSE  Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________

Please write in Spanish, Polish, or Chinese if necessary.  Continue comments on back as needed.  ALSO, PLEASE SIGN YOUR STUDENTíS GRADE REPORT SHEET.