Absolutely, Positively Taken Passages from A Hero of Our Time

Each passage listed has been submitted as part of someone’s proposal


that proposal has been approved.

NO ONE else may take any of these passages.


p. 79                            from “Ah, what a terrible suspicion…” to ??????????   (talk to Candice)


pp. 84-85                     from “I turned around: it was Grushnitsky!” to “…His object is to become the hero

                        of a novel.”


p. 85                            from “He is fairly witty…” to “…he really tries hard.”


pp. 119-120                 from “Yes, such was my lot since my very childhood!’” to “‘…I warn you, that it

                        will not distress me in any way.”


pp. 116-117                 from “And then again…” to “…he in whose head more ideas have been born is

                        more active than others.”


p. 145                          from “I scan my whole past in memory and involuntarily wonder…” to “…Absurd

                        and vexatious!”