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Oral Commentary Text List

You will have one of the following texts (or a passage from one of the following texts) for your oral commentary (practice or otherwise).


I HIGHLY recommend reviewing these texts over the next few weeks.

  • Solidify your understanding of which themes are most important and, for you, most provable in each text.
  • Know the author’s judgment.
  • Be familiar enough with these texts to know which techniques you should absolutely talk about.


Texts for the Oral Commentary

The Taming of the Shrew

The Handmaid’s Tale

Virginia Woolf’s essays

    • “The Death of the Moth”
    • “Life Itself”
    • “John Skinner”
    • “Old Mrs. Grey”
    • “Professions for Women”

Sylvia Plath's poems

    • “Edge”
    • “Two Sisters of Persephone”
    • “In Plaster”
    • “Stillborn”
    • “Mirror”
    • “Poppies in July”
    • “Burning the Letters”
    • “Words, heard by accident, over the phone”
    • “Cut”

Dionne Brand's poems

    • “October 19th, 1983”
    • “Return I”
    • “Blues Spiritual for Mammy Prater”