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Practice Oral Commentary--Listen, Describe, Reflect
Due dates as follows:
  • Assigned Monday, March 8; Due Monday, March 15
  • Assigned Thursday, March 11; Due Thursday, March 18
  • Assigned Friday, March 12; Due Friday, March 19 (even if you’re signed out)


1. Take home your practice oral commentary tape and listen to it fully at least one time.
2. As you listen, take notes about what you hear. See step 3 below so you understand what you will be expected to write about.
3. After listening and taking notes, write up a description and reflection of what you heard on the tape.

  • Your description and reflection should be 1 page in length (typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, etc.).
  • Your description should include your observations about what you said during your commentary and about what text. These comments should touch on the content and organization of your commentary.
  • Your reflection can be woven throughout your description or written after you have made your description. The purpose of your reflection is to assess yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in the commentary. You may want to use the IB Oral Assessment rubric I’ve given you (copied again on back) to structure your comments. You should also comment on what you hope to change/improve on for the real commentary.
  • Please use the following heading format for this assignment:
    Your name
    Practice Oral Commentary Reflection

FYI: Your commentary is for your ears only.