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Taken Extracts for WL #2

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The Woman in the Dunes

  • pp. 63-63: “When he had finished eating, the woman returned to the sink…” to “In her heart she probably felt as if she had bitten into a spoiled onion."  (David)
  • pp. 238-239:  “The wind seemed to snatch the breath from his mouth…” to “He might as well put off his escape until sometime after that.” (Liezle)


A Doll’s House

  • pp. 10-11: (Kelli)

Nora:  You look down upon me altogether…  to  Nora: Hm, hm! Aha!

  • pp. 11-12: (Brenda—reserved)

Nora: Two hundred and fifty pounds…   to   Nora: …It would upset our mutual relations altogether; our beautiful happy home would no longer be what it is now.

  • pp. 12-13: (Jessica)

Nora: [meditatively and with a half-smile] Yes—someday, perhaps, after many years, when I am no longer as nice looking as I am now…  to  Nora: …It was like being a man.

  • pp. 26-27: (Ana)

Hel: Yes; or, as in so many cases, by imprudence…  to  Nora:  [takes her hand out of his and goes to the opposite side of the Christmas tree] How hot it is in here, and I have such a lot to do.

  • pp. 49-50: (Michael)

Hel: [taking her in his arms] The child shall have her way…  to   Nora:  [going to him with her arms outstretched] Here she is!

  • pp. 52-53: (Avery)

Krog: [more gently] When I lost you it was as if all the solid ground went from under my feet…  to  Mrs. L: …Nils, give me someone and something to work for.

  • pp. 66-67: (Tsao)

Nora: That’s just it; you have never understood me…  to  Nora:  … That is what our marriage has been, Torvald.

  • pp. 67-68: (Ilse)

Nora:  No, only merry… to   Nora:  It is no use forbidding me anything any longer… either now or later.

  • pp. 70-71: (Maria) –approximately from…

Nora:  You mean that I would never have accepted such a sacrifice on your part?  to  Nora:  How can I tell.  I have no idea what is going to become of me.


Death and the Maiden

  • pp. 53-54: (Eliana)

Gerardo: Fifteen years you started to tell me and then…  to  Paulina:  How many times did you do it?  How many, how many?  I tell you, you tell me.

  • pp. 65-66: (Cristen)

Paulina: —small lies, small variations…   to   Paulina:  …What do we lose? What do we lose?