Close Reading Exercise #3


1.      Read the following three poems (a.k.a. puzzles) by Emily Dickinson.  Decide what each poem is about (a.k.a. what the big picture is).

2.      On your own or with ONE partner, choose ONE of the poems to interpret.  Write a close-reading, analytical argument to prove that your interpretation is completely valid.

3.      Turn in your argument (note: this is not a formal essay; while you will have a thesis (e.g., “I/We believe this poems is about ______________.”), you will not have a multi-paragraph explanation with intro, body, conclusion, etc.  MODEL YOUR ARGUMENT AFTER PERRINE’S.





I hide myself within my flower,

That fading from your Vase,

You, unsuspecting, feel for me—

Almost a loneliness.




An Everywhere of Silver

With Ropes of Sand

To keep it from effacing

The Track called Land.




A wild Blue sky abreast of Winds

That threatened it—did run

And crouched behind his Yellow Door

Was the defiant sun—

Some conflict with those upper friends

So genial in the main

That we deplore peculiarly

Their arrogant campaign—