Close Reading Exercise #2


On your own, read the following poems.  Mark them up according to what you notice.

Then determine the principle difference between them. 



“An Army Corps on the March”

By Walt Whitman

With its cloud of skirmishers in advance,
With now the sound of a single shot snapping like a whip, and now
an irregular volley,
The swarming ranks press on and on, the dense brigades press on,
Glittering dimly, toiling under the sun-the dust-cover'd men,
In columns rise and fall to the undulations of the ground,
With artillery interspers'd-the wheels rumble, the horses sweat,
As the army corps advances.




“The Night March”

By Herman Melville


With banners furled, and clarions mute,

An army passes in the night,

And beaming spires and helms salute,

The dark with bright.


In silence deep the legions stream,

With open ranks, in order true;

Over boundless plains they stream and gleam—

No chief in view!


Afar, in twinkling distance lost,

(So legends tell) he lonely wends

And back through all that shining host

His mandate sends.