Vogan Poetry Assignment

Due: Friday, May 23, 2003

Pick one of the assignments below to complete.  You may wish to complete two of the assignments to earn extra credit.  Extra credit will be determined based upon how successfully you complete the extra assignment.  Maximum extra credit:  10 points.


Option #1:  Create your own Vogon Poem.


Using the Vogon poem in Hitchhiker’s as a model, create a poem of your own that parodies/mimics a Vogon poem.  Your poem must be a minimum of 12 lines, be written in mostly English, and you must read/perform your poem in front of the class on Friday.  In addition you should include a self-analysis of your poem.  Explain the choices you made and why, and what effect(s) you expect your poem to have on the audience (and why).


Option #2:  The Universe’s Worst Poetry


Laughingly enough, according to Hitchhiker’s, the universe’s worst poetry was created by a human being.  Find a poem that you feel qualifies as the “universe’s worst poetry.”  You will be expected to read/perform this poem in front of the class on Friday.  In addition, you must write an explanation about why you chose this poem and what makes it qualify as the “worst” poetry imaginable.

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