Hitchhiker's Project

Individual or Group ~ Presentations and Projects due June 9 & 10

Choose your final project on Hitchhiker's with the following parameters:

  • Your project must be creative and in some way related to your reading of Hitchhiker's.
  • Your project must involve some analysis and this must be written up and explained to the class.
  • Your project must be presented to the class on June 9 or 10 (Sign up ahead of time ~ you must be prepared to give your presentation on the day you choose.  Also, if you have a video presentation, let Ms. Spachman know ahead of time so she can get a TV/VCR.)
  • If you choose to do your project in a group, the level of work involved must be proportionate to the number of group members.

PROJECT PROPOSALS are due before May 31.  Please discuss your proposal to get it approved by Ms. Spachman on Thursday (5/29) or Friday (5/30).

See the project scoring guides
  • Create a Hitchhiker's Guide parody in written, live skit, or video form.
  • Create a "survivor's satchel," mimicking Ford's in Hitchhiker's.
  • Design and create a Hitchhiker's amusement park.
  • Invent a Hitchhiker's "Dating Game."
  • Create Planet ads--brochures or TV ads.  (You might want to sell the planet you created in-class for the "Create-a-planet" activity.)
  • Embody a character.
  • Design and create a Hitchhiker's board game.
  • Design and perform a galaxy news program.
  • Create a galactic souvenir shop.
  • Design and perform a Hitchhiker's talk show.
  • Create a script and/or video for a Hitchhiker's TV show (example:  As the Planets Turn).
  • Other ideas???

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