Hamlet, Journal #5—Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy, 4.4:32-66

Due Thursday, March 6

In Act 4, scene 4, Hamlet gives yet another soliloquy.  This soliloquy appears immediately after Hamlet inquires about Fortinbras's arrival in Denmark.  Please answer the following questions about this soliloquy.

1.  In this soliloquy, Hamlet focuses on Fortinbras and his plans.  According to Hamlet, how do he and Fortinbras contrast each other?  Why is this significant in the play?

2.  Which of Hamlet's other soliloquies is most similar to this one?  Explain.

     Soliloquy #1:  1.2:129-159

     Soliloquy #2:  2.2:487-544

     Soliloquy #3:  3.1:56-88 ("To be or not to be...")


Write up your response to turn in.

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