Hamlet, Journal #3—Act 2 scene 2, lines 487-544


This is Hamlet’s second soliloquy during the play.  Read it over several times and complete the assignment as follows:

  1. Write up a summary (in your own words!) of what Hamlet talks about/reveals during this soliloquy.
  2. Start identifying patterns and other techniques in this soliloquy.  Make a list of them (and I recommend you jot down the line number(s) where you found them).
  3. BONUS:  Start discussing the effects of the techniques you find.


Write up your response to turn in.  Due Monday, February 24.

For extra credit, post your journal on the Hamlet blog at: http://s.spachman.tripod.com/Hamletblog/  (Extra credit must be posted by class time on 2/24.)