Hamlet, Book Mark Assignment


(Note! New due date!)

Some of you have already made one book mark already (for Horatio), but now you need to start making book marks for all the main characters of the play.  Please complete the following book marks (you should go back to sections we’ve already read and continue throughout the rest of the play).

  • 5 book marks for Hamlet
  • 4 book marks for Claudius, the King
  • 4 book marks for Gertrude, the Queen
  • 3 book marks for Laertes
  • 3 book marks for Ophelia
  • 2-3 book marks for Polonius

Total:  21 (minimum)


These character book marks should follow the same format we’ve been using all year.  Find a short passage that reveals something to you about a character, summarize it briefly to give context to your response, and then respond to the passage.  Focus particularly on your understanding of the character, changes in the character, and motivations of the character.