IB World Literature Final Exam for Semester 1

 Your 1 hour final exam will have two parts.


You will receive a passage or poem at random from one of the following works from semester 1:

  • The Taming of the Shrew
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • the 5 main Woolf essays
  • the 9 Plath poems
  • the 6 Brand poems

The passage or poem will be between 33-43 lines long.

You will not know until you sit down for your final which passage/poem you will receive.  When you do sit down for this part of your final you will be responsible for writing a full-blown thesis statement for your passage/poem.  Your thesis must show the process of your thinking leading up to your judgment.  Essentially what this means is that you’ve planned out the points you need to prove in order to make your judgment statement a logical conclusion.  You must also address context—either how your passage fits contextually within the larger work (hint: function is a great way to deal with this) or how your essay/poem fits within the larger body of work we’ve studied by that author (theme links/references are a great way to address this).

Your thesis will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Is the thesis clear?
  • Does the thesis show some of the process of the student’s thinking (thereby making the judgment statement a logical conclusion)?
  • Does the thesis incorporate a judgment of a theme?
  • Is the thesis viable (if a passage, your judgment must be viable for the work it’s from as a whole)?
  • Does the thesis contextualize the text?

You will not complete an outline.  The “process of your thinking” part of your thesis should address the main points you’d need to prove.



You will be tested on 20-30 of the 80 literary terms from our AP-IB challenges.  The format of this part of the exam will be similar to the quizzes you’ve done earlier this semester.