Survey Literature:  Study Guide for Semester 2 Final Exam

REMEMBER:  Your reading card, and all leftover reading work, is due the day of your final.


1/3 of your final exam will be multiple choice or short answer questions on poetic devices.

2/3 of your final exam will be mini-arguments proving the MOODS of poems

You should bring your “Words to Describe Mood” sheet to your final.  No other notes or handouts will be allowed. 

[click here if you need a new copy of "Words to Describe Mood"]


Poetic Devices to know and review:     [click here to go to sample questions on these poetic devices]

(Be prepared to define AND identify all of the following.)




Rhythm (you will need to know how to “find the beat”)

Extended metaphor




Types of imagery













Mini-Arguments proving MOOD:    [click here to go to sample poems and practice proving their moods]

[Note: You will be asked to write a mini-argument for each of 2-3 different poems).

You will need to be able to read a poem, identify several (4 or more) things that the poem is doing to create a mood, and decide what specific mood the poem creates.  Then you will have to write a mini-argument proving that this is the mood of the poem.  In your argument you must include:

  • A thesis statement (i.e., “The mood of the poem “____________” is ___(insert specific mood word here___.”)
  • Textual evidence (specific words or lines that you QUOTE or paraphrase from the poem) that help to build the mood of the poem.
  • CLEAR and DETAILED explanations about how you know EACH piece of textual evidence you use creates that specific mood of the poem.


Your mini-arguments should be 1-2 paragraphs each, and you MUST EDIT YOUR WORK.  Sloppy work with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes will be graded down severely.