Your semester grade will go on your report card.
Final exams are worth 10% of your semester grade.
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Final Exams are  

Seniors--IB World Literature

January 26 & 27.  

Your final exam will have two parts.

Exam schedule as follows.  
  • For the first part, you will receive a poem you've never seen before.  You will be expected to thoroughly color-mark this poem, identify the two most important techniques, justify why those techniques are important, and generate a clear, viable thesis statement that proposes an analytical argument about the poem.

  • For the second part, you will receive an AP-like mini-test.  You will receive a passage from The Handmaid's Tale and 10-15 multiple choice questions on that passage.  These questions will mimic AP-style multiple choice questions on a prose passage.

Monday, January 26  
1st 8:00-9:00  
Div. 9:05-9:15  
3rd 9:20-10:20  
5th 10:25-11:25  
7th 11:30-12:30  
9th 12:35-1:35    
Lunch 12:35-2:05  

Freshmen--IB Survey Literature


Your final exam will have two parts.

  • One part will be a multiple choice test on Brave New World (up to where we've finished reading).  These multiple choice questions will include recall questions, identifying dialogue questions, identifying tone questions,  understanding character portrayals, and more.  Go to Brave New World Jeopardy to help yourself review.

  • The second part will be on narrative writing.  You will be expected to write a short, but detailed and descriptive narrative with a clear mood.

Tuesday, January 27  
2nd 8:00-9:00  
Div. 9:05-9:15  
4th 9:20-10:20  
6th 10:25-11:25  
8th 11:30-12:30    
Lunch 12:35-1:35  

Humanities/Academic Decathlon


Your final exam will have two parts.

  • You have the option of taking two exams (on the subjects of your choice), or taking one exam (your choice) and giving a speech (either your 4-min. prepared or 2 impromptus).  Exams will be given during the final exam period on Jan. 27.  Speeches must be scheduled no later than Tuesday, 1/20.  Depending on how many students opt for them, speeches may begin as early as Thursday, 1/22.