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Greek Mythology Flashcards--Set #1

Each flashcard on the left has an epithet on it.  Decide which god or goddess matches it and check your answer by clicking on the word.  The answer will appear in the right-hand card.
If the answer does not appear and/or you get an error, you can check your answers by clicking on the number of the card.  This will take you to a page that shows ALL the answers, but it should only take you to the one card you want the answer to.


The God of War








The Goddess of Love and Desire








Armorer of the Gods








Messenger of the Gods








God of Fertility and Wine








Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth








Goddess of War








Father of the Gods








The God of Music








The Virgin Goddess








Lady of the Wild Things








Goddess of the Earth








God of Light








Lord of the Sea








Huntsman of the Gods








Goddess of Hearth and Home








Patron of the Theater and Arts








Goddess of Arts and Crafts