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AP/IB Duel #2, Literary Terms 1-80

Directions:  Click on the points below to get a question from a particular round.  Answer the question and then scroll down to check your answer.


ROUND 1:  Give a word for the definition.

100a 100b 100c 100d 100e
100f 100g 100h 100i 100j
100k 100m 100n 100p 100q

ROUND 2:  Give the definition for a word.

200a 200b 200c 200d 200e
200f 200g 200h 200i 200j
200k 200m 200n 200p 200q

ROUND 3:  Identify the literary device.

500a 500b 500c 500d 500e
500f 500g 500h 500i 500j
500k 500m 500n 500p 500q

ROUND 4:  Give an example of the literary device.

700a 700b 700c 700d 700e
700f 700g 700h 700i