Journal #3 for A Doll's House

Assignment due for class discussion on Tuesday, 4/29

1.  Judgment statement time:  Given Nora and where our sympathies lie when reading the play, develop a judgment statement that focuses on a major theme.

2.  BIG technique time:  Given your judgment statement, what two techniques would you use to prove it?  (Focus on bigger techniques rather than smaller; keep in mind we're heading into the exams and you won't have the books in front of you.  That means using "imagery" as a technique is difficult because you won't be able to quote it from memory.)

3.  Play parallels:  A Doll's House is sort of the "odd man out" of the four plays we've read this semester.  Are there ANY good links between it and any of the other plays we've studied?  (either close similarities or directly opposite contrasts)  Discuss what possible links there might be and how you might use them to your advantage going into the exams.