Final Exam Essay Prompt


Due IN CLASS on Mon., June 16

"The Death of the Moth" by Virginia Woolf (click here if you lost the copy I gave you)

"Death of a Moth" by Annie Dillard (click here if you lost the copy I gave you)

Re-read Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of the Moth” and read Annie Dillard’s “Death of a Moth.”  Then select one significant aspect of the essays and write a comparative analysis. 

Ideas regarding “significant aspect:”

  • Choice of narrator (as character and storyteller)
  • Choices of setting
  • Imagery, particularly regarding the moth
  • The natural world and its portrayal and role
  • Beginning and endings

Other ideas?  Run them by me.

(Please note… you might find that some of these overlap, but your focus should be on the main one you pick.)

No matter what aspect you pick, you will be expected to take your analysis to the level of underlying significance or What’s the point?” (a.k.a. some judgment statement) in discussion and comparison of both essays.

High points will be awarded to thoughtfulness in linking the essays and depth of analysis.

Other requirements:

1.     You must type your essay

2.     You must turn in two copies.

3.     Your essay must be a minimum of 3 pages, and preferably 4+.

4.     Your essay is due, IN CLASS (not after class), on June 16.