updates on this page coming soon (for spring 2004)

College Writing Unit

At left are all the links for assignments and texts you need to successfully complete the mini-college writing unit we're doing before you ship off to your very own, real life college.

Where possible, I have "borrowed" wording from REAL college course assignments to create these assignments for you.

Be sure to keep your copy of Write for College by Writers Inc. handy so you look up (if need be) the type of writing each assignment asks you to complete.


Two are "essays," but most less formal pieces of writing.  All, however, are vital to maintain or improve your grade before June 11.

Last note about assignments:  Posting to the blog garners extra credit.



Some interesting links to browse:

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing has some good basic information about types of college writing assignments and a great side menu bar with all sorts of links, including ones on different ways of using citations.  This could be very beneficial for you in college when you're required to do MLA or APA or whatever other kind of citations for papers.


<more to come>