Write to Think on [brIght]


In-class assignment, Wed., May 28

[brIght] (click here if you lost the copy I gave you)

  1. Divide in to 4 small groups.
  2. Pick a card:
  • Free Writing
  • Create a conversation with e. e. cummings
  • Associations and Brainstorming
  • Question and Answer
  1. Read [brIght] by e. e. cummings (3 mins.)
  2. Take 8 minutes individually to "think through writing" about [brIght] using the activity listed on the card your group picked.
  3. Debrief for about 10 minutes in your small group.  Discuss:
  • What did you discover about the poem while trying to think through writing?
  • What did you think about the process of doing that particular writing activity?  Valuable or no?  Why?
  1. Post any further thoughts you have about the poem on-line for extra credit.  Click here for the blog.