Student Choice Journal
Journal G: Psychological Profile
Complete this journal near the end or after your reading of the novel.

(*This journal requires use of the internet, a dictionary, and the ability to print several pages)

For this assignment, you need to take a personality profile test on-line TWICE. The first time the test will probably take you 20 minute but may take more time especially since some of the words used in the test are going to be words you’ll need to look up the definition for. The second time it will probably take you longer.

1. Go to Click on “Take the Temperament Sorter II.”
2. Fill out the name and password information. This is their way of creating an account to log your results in. Be sure to click the check box underneath this section to remove yourself from their subscription to the “Personality Zone.”
3. Click “Begin the Temperament Sorter II.”
4. The “test” is about 87 questions. The first page that comes up has 70 questions. Complete these questions. The more you answer, the more accurate your results. BEFORE CLICKING ON “CALCULATE,” print this webpage (it’s 8 pages long).
5. After clicking “calculate” there will be a few more questions before you can get your results. When your results come up, PRINT THAT PAGE.

Retake the test, but this time, answer the questions as though you were Holden Caulfield. You should have a pretty good opinion about what Holden is like and how he sees himself by the time you get to the end of the novel. However, if you want another look into Holden’s mind, check out “My Holden Guide to Life” by Suzanne Morine. (

Then complete the test as “Holden” (just log in as yourself again and chose to “take the sorter again.”) Print 1-3 pages of your responses to the first 70 questions and “Holden’s” results. Label both of these papers as “Holden.”

Compare your results to Holden. How are you alike? How are you different? Write ½ page. Staple it to the front of all the print outs you made in parts 1 and 2.