Student Choice Journal
Journal D: Holden Caulfield's Name
Complete this journal during or after your reading of the novel.


Many authors chose their characters’ names carefully, selecting them to carry additional meaning or to emphasize certain traits in the character they think are most important. J.D. Salinger is no exception to this, especially once you start taking a look at the main character’s name in the novel: Holden Caulfield.

For this journal, you will need to dissect Holden’s name, discover or postulate its various meanings, and relate them back to the character of Holden in Catcher. How do the parts of/meaning of his names relate to Holden’s most sacred desires, wishes, fears, etc.? Write a minimum of ½ page as you discuss this.

Some resources:
As we saw from the very beginning of the novel, Holden alludes to Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield. You might find it useful to read the first 4 paragraphs of that book while thinking about Holden’s name. (Hint: There’s a word used in these paragraphs that matches part of Holden Caulfield’s name.) You can find David Copperfield on-line here:

Secondly, I recommend using as a resource. Read several definitions of the words you look up to have a better understanding of them.