Student Choice Journal
Journal A: Holden's Reliability
Complete this journal WHILE you read the novel.


If you’re thinking you’re going to write your essay about Holden’s reliability, I highly recommend that you choose this journal assignment.

Using a color different from the ones you are using to complete Journal #2, mark distinct places where you question Holden’s Reliability. Then, in the margins, write a note about the reliability rule(s) that seem to apply at that moment.

  • Since this is a novel, if you see Holden as mostly unreliable you should highlight at least 20 different places where he’s unreliable throughout the novel.
  • If you find that Holden is mostly reliable, then mark a combination of places where he’s questionable and places where he is very clearly reliable. Mark them slightly differently (e.g., highlight unreliable places, underline reliable places; use the same color) and still mark the rule in the margin.