Journal #2: Color Marking
Complete this journal WHILE you read the novel.

The copy of The Catcher in the Rye I’ve given you is your book to keep. If you lose it, you must replace it on your own, and, because of this assignment, you cannot just use a copy from the library. Write your name and division number on the inside cover of the book.

Part One: For this assignment, you need to choose at least TWO patterns to track throughout the book by color marking them. Keep in mind a pattern should be an idea or thing that reoccurs in a text and that idea/thing should carry some meaning (that means “the” isn’t a pattern). Chose one little pattern and one big one, OR pick two big patterns. These patterns should appear throughout most of the book (little patterns won’t appear as frequently as big patterns). Some possible patterns appear below, but if you find others, you can mark them. If you’re not sure something qualifies as a pattern, see me.

Possible little patterns: red, hunting cap
Possible BIG patterns: sadness/depression/depressing, phony/phoniness, death/dead

To mark your patterns, you will need 2 different highlighter colors. Make a key at the beginning of your book to indicate which color goes with which pattern. Every time you see the patterns you picked, highlight them. If you think something is related to your pattern, but aren’t sure, highlight it and make a note in the margin about your thinking. You will be turning your copy of the book in as part of this journal entry.

Part Two: After finishing the book, pick ONE of the patterns you marked and discuss its significance in the novel. What does the pattern mean? What does it tell us about Holden (or other characters)? How does it relate to themes (big ideas) in the book? Your “discussion” should be written out on paper and be a minimum of ½ page. Mark this paper as “Journal 2, Part Two.”