Comments on reading journals for Brave New World:

For V / visualization responses:

·        Work to be more descriptive, more specific in describing what you see in your head.  For example,

o       “I see a group of boys going on a fieldtrip.” could be made more specific by fleshing out a few of the details, like:

o       “I see a group of boys, all dressed in school uniforms, holding small memo notepads.  They are scribbling notes while listening to the D.H.C., as though they are on a field trip they will be graded for.  The boys look like they’re maybe 12 years old because they still look ‘pink’ and young.”

o       The example above also grounds the image in the student’s head in what the text actually has to say about the boys.  The student shows this by pulling out a couple key words like “pink” which comes directly from the text on p. 4 and “young” which is a synonym of a word which comes directly from the text on p. 4 (“callow”).


For multiple responses of the same kind on the same page:

·        Use 1, 2, 3, etc. or A, B, C, etc. as subscripts (examples below) both in the margins of your text and on the lines where you respond in your journal so it’s easy to match your response back to the text.  (You should also do this if you’re doing the post-it method for margin notes and question writing in your book.)


Examples of symbols with subscripts:

?1                          ?2                    ?3


VA                        VB                  VC


!1                           !2                     !3