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Brave New World POSTCARD PROJECT (pairs)

You will be forming pairs today to create a pair of postcards from the characters of Brave New World.  You will need to use your books and the knowledge you have gained about the characters and their situations in the book thus far to create your postcards.

Note:  In some of the postcard assignments, the two postcards your pair must create depend very closely on each other.  For example, you may not be able to work on postcard #2 until youíve decided exactly what will be written for postcard #1.  Keep this in mind as you work today!


1.      Randomly select the characters, time frames, and recipient characters you will be working with for this project.

2.      Decide which of you will be primarily responsible for each postcard.  (For example, if you pick postcard #1 and your partner picks postcard #2, then you are responsible for doing the writing and drawing for postcard #1 while your partner is responsible for doing the writing and drawing for postcard #2.  While you should, and in some cases have to, talk to your partner about what should be written, the tone of what is written, and the choice of the postcardís picture, ultimately you have to create postcard #1 to turn in.)

3.      BRAINSTORM.  Talk to your partner and as a pair, make some decisions about all of the following for EACH postcard:   (TAKE NOTES!)

a.      What information would this character want to tell the recipient character?

b.      How would this character say what s/he is saying (TONE)?  (Keep in mind the characterís age, knowledge, background, and who s/heís writing to.)

c.       What sort of picture would your character choose for his/her postcard? (picture must be in color)

4.      Make a draft of what will be written on the postcard and run it by your partner.

5.      Create the FINAL, beautiful, neat postcard complete with the writing and the picture.