Rhetoric? RHETORIC?
NOTES on pathos & ethos & logos, oh my!


(pay – thos)

persuading by appealing to the audience’s emotions (esp. their pity, sympathy, sorrow, or compassion for someone/something)

Examples of pathos tactics:

• The “puppy-dog” look you give someone
• The Christian Charities Fund commercial which uses images of starving children with big eyes and raggedy clothes.

(a – thos or eh-thos)

persuading through the reputation of a spokesperson or a speaker; basing your argument on the credibility of someone

Examples of ethos tactics:

• Using Michael Jordan to sell Hanes underwear
• Using pictures of Olympic Gold Medalists on a box of Wheaties
• In a trial, using a credible witness (a boy scout, an expert, etc.) to defend or prosecute someone (using a drunken shoplifter would be a bad move because such a person would not be seen as credible)

(low – gos)

persuading through logic or reason; appealing to the audience’s sense of logic/reason

Examples of logos tactics:

• Using facts, statistics instead of opinions to draw conclusions
• 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident!