Sample "Slip or Trip? Introductions
6th Period, IB Survey Literature
Sample #1
Who killed him!! Everybody thinks that Margaret was the one that murdered Charles. She had the opportunity to murder him. She had gotten in a fight and that was her reason. She even had alibis for the crime. She though it was all planned out perfectly. Then again that was what she thought.
Sample #2
“He’s dead, he slipped and fell on the stairs.” Was this really an accident or was it murder? That is the question we need to answer. Is Margaret guilty or innocent of killing her husband? Did he really “slip” on the stairs or was it all a faked accident? We believe that Margaret did, in fact, kill Charles.
Sample #3
Who really killed Charles? Was it Margaret? Was it one of the servants? Or was it Teri Ridley? We believe that it was Margaret who murdered him. Sure, it may sound absurd but she had plenty of time to do it and she was still pretty steamed after that morning’s big fight.
Sample #4
It was her!! She killed him! Margaret killed Charles. We have evidence that supports our thesis. Margaret had both motive and opportunity. She and Charles had an argument earlier that day, which gives her motive to murder her husband. We believe she had planned it because she had her guests over, which we believe served as alibis, and she had time and opportunity. All the evidence points to her. She is responsible for her husband’s death.
Sample #5
“Margaret? … Are you home? … Margaret, where are you? … Oh, hi, honey…wait…What are you doing with that frying pan?! …Stop! Please! Ahhh!!!” This is the suggested occurance of what happened that fateful night, where we believe Charles was murdered by his wife! All the evidence points to murder, and who better to do it than his wife. His wife whom he’d had an arguementment with previously that night, his wife who had plenty of time, 10 minutes, to commit this horrible crime. His wife whom had both the motive and oppurtunity, not to mention the loads of forensically hard evidence, that points to one and only one conclusion. Margaret murdered her husband Charles.