Sample "Slip or Trip? Introductions
4th Period, IB Survey Literature
Sample #1
What would you do if you find your husband on his back laying on the stairs? Well this is a case in Slip or Trip? Margret had gotten in a fight with her husband Charles, before she left to a party. After the party Margret invited a couple of friends to her home for one more dirnk. She arrives home 10 minutes before her guests. To find her husband laying on the ground face up and with his legs on the stairs. The question is not only how it happened, but also who killed him? I strongly believe that Margret is the assasin. She certainly had an opportunity, a method, a motive, and I have hard evidence as proof.
Sample #2
Margaret invited some friends to her house. She arrived 10 minutes before her friends came. The doorbell rung and Margaret ran to the door claiming something terrible happened. She said “Charles slipped and fell on the stairs.” We talked to her to investigate the case and she said that she and Charles, her husband, has got into a fight earlier. Therefore, she has the motive to have commited the crime. Secondly, the glass was in Charles hand unscaved and the positioning of his body was very awkward. AS of now Margaret is our prime suspect. I think we have enough hard evidence to convince you that Margaret is guilty.
Sample #3
The question is was this murder or an accident? Margaret had an argument earlier that evening with her husband Charles, what a coincidence that Charles died that same exact day. Perhaps Margaret is telling the truth; maybe Charles was “coming down for another drink.” That’s highly unlikely and there is hard evidence to prove it. Margaret murdered her husband Charles.
Sample #4
Did Margaret kill Charles? Margaret and Charles are husband and wife. This night was a horrific one. Margaret and Charles had a fight and Margaret left at 1:00 am. When she came home she saw Charles dead. Margaret has a motive, the oppurtunity, and we have hard evidence to prove her guilt.
Sample #5
It is very obvious. Everyone knows it. Margaret murdered her husband after having a fight. All of the evidence points to it: the hard evidence, motive, opportunity. It all verifies that what we have in our hands is murder. In the next few moments, I intend to prove that.