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Direct Questioning—Establishing Your Argument


WITNESS you will call to the stand (must be on your side or a neutral witness you plan on using):




POINT(S) you will establish for your side with this witness: _________________________






QUESTIONS you will directly ask this witness:

(# the questions once you decide in what order you will ask them—let your witness know what these questions are! Also:  see the “Direct Examination” section in your packet, pp. 25-26)









ANTICIPATE the opposition’s cross-examination:  What questions might your opposition ask to “ruin” the points you made with this witness or “ruin” the credibility (believability) of your witness?








RE-DIRECT:  What questions will you ask again (if any) to try to re-establish your witness’s credibility or to re-establish a point you need to make with this witness?

(Do not over use this; you should not go back and revisit everything you tried to establish before the cross examination.)