EXTRA CREDIT #4óDue Friday, June 6

Complete the steps below by Friday to earn up to 3 extra credit points.

Using the data on the green sheet (below), make the following calculations to figure out the difference in salary between a woman and man in an average corporate job.  SHOW YOUR WORK.

Robert and Maria both work for Company A.  They are the same age and are newly out of college.  Both have the same degree in computer technology.

1.  Robert makes x dollars per hour.  Solve for x.  x2 + 32 = 400.64. 

2.  Robert works an average of 50 hours each week for 50 weeks of the year.  Using your number for x, calculate Robert's yearly salary.

3.  Maria, although she has the same job, education, and experience, makes 75% of what Robert does.  Calculate Maria's salary.

4.  What is the difference in salary between Maria and Robert?

5.  What is the difference in salary between Maria and Robert over 5 years (provided both keep working at the same salary)?



Women still earn 75 cents to each $1 earned by men.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this pay gap exists even within the same occupation.  Over a lifetime, the average woman loses $420,000 in wages due to this typical pay difference.