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Character Flashcards--Set #1

These questions focus on the characters found in Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop

Each flashcard on the left has a question on it.  Answer the question with your best answer and then check the "real" answer by clicking on the question.  The answer should appear in the right-hand card.  You can then "hide" the answer again for the future by clicking on "hide."


Who tells Father Latour the story of Friar Baltazar at Acoma??








What are the names of the two white mules given to Father Vaillant??








Who advises Father Latour not to abolish Penitentes and why?








Who was the American governor in Santa Fe shortly before Latour arrived there and what happened to him?








Which priest played a role in what happened to the governor mentioned in quesiton #4?








Who does Father Latour encounter late one night near the chapel after her temporary escape from her "family?"








What position did Father Vaillant first hold when Father Latour called him out to New Mexico?








What is the name of the Navajo chief and rebel who appealed to Latour to speak on behalf of his people to the U.S. government?








Which character is responsible for driving the Navajos off their land on behalf of the U.S. government?








Which corrupt priest fakes illness to avoid going out with Father Latour to visit his parishoners in outlying churches?








Who shares with Father Latour the Native American belief that the stars are great spirits?








How does Father Latour come to be the Bishop of the New Mexico diocese?








What is the name of the French village Latour and Vaillant originate from?








What happens to Latour on his first journey from Ohio to his new diocese?








Describe Latour's perception of Magdalena when he first meets her.








Which priest, after being asked to resign from the Cathloic church, forms his own church which he tries to persuade his former parishoners to attend?








What problem was caused when Dona Isabella Olivares refused to confess her true age?








Which character was a miser?








What place did Father Latour find on his way home from Durango after being out of water for himself and his horse for 2 days?








Which Navajo chief becomes friends with Father Latour and is present in Santa Fe when Latour dies?