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Background on Cather and Death... Flashcards--Set #2

These questions focus on the main language and literature resource information on Willa Cather and the background on Death Comes for the Archbishop

Each flashcard on the left has a question on it.  Answer the question with your best answer and then check the "real" answer by clicking on the question.  The answer should appear in the right-hand card.  You can then "hide" the answer again for the future by clicking on "hide."


What real-life person is Father Vaillant based on?








How was Death Comes... received by the public when it was published?








Cather won a Pulitzer Prize in 1922 for which novel?








What main characteristic distinguished Cather from other 1920's American novelists?








Aside from being a novelist, what other jobs did Cather have during her career?








What are some words that describe Cather's style in Death Comes...?








When did Cather enter the University of Nebraska in Lincoln?








Name two or more artists who influenced Cather's work on Death Comes....








What were the years of Cather's birth and death?








Where did Cather spend most of her childhood?








When did Mexico cede the New Mexico territory to the U.S. and why?








What book inspired Death Comes... and who wrote it?








When was Death Comes... written?








What was different about Death Comes... compared to Cather's previous novels?








What real-life person was Bishop Latour based on?








What is the time frame of this novel?








What three groups of people are living in New Mexico territory when Latour arrives?








How is Cather's method of "not to use an incident for all there is in it, but to touch and pass on" reflected in this novel?








Stylistically, Cather chose not to write this novel as a totally connected narrative. Rather, each chapter is a ___what___?








Why does Cather incorporate folklore and legend into this novel?