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Music Flashcards--Set #3

These questions focus on composers, their works, and on other important resource information included in the main Music USAD materials.

Each flashcard on the left has a question on it.  Answer the question with your best answer and then check the "real" answer by clicking on the question.  The answer should appear in the right-hand card.  You can then "hide" the answer again for the future by clicking on "hide."


Who/what (e.g., string quartet, solo piano, etc.) performs "The Union?"








Where and when was the first university department established?








When was "Fanfare for the Common Man" written?








What minstrel song was a favorite among Confederate troops because it expresses a longing for life in the "good ol'" South?








What is the meter when there are two beats in a measure?








Which piece featured on the CD was originally written for organ?








Which composer was criticized for incorporating material from "inferior" cultures in his music?








Who wrote "The Washington Post March" and in what year?








What striking musical technique opens "Rhapsody in Blue?"








Who wrote "Old Folks at Home?"








Which featured piece is performed by a string orchestra even though it was originally written for a string quartet?








What song became associated with the Civil War because it reminded listeners of loved ones at home or in the war?








Which composer won a Pulitzer Prize in 1995?








Who composed "Jargon?"








Which composer studied and explored late Romantic Germanic style music, French impressionistic music, and the music of the Arab world and Asia?








Who wrote "Amazing Grace?"








Which piece was originially composed for 2 pianos but was quickly orchestrated by Ferde Grofe for a piano and orchestra?








Who composed "The Stars and Stripes Forever" and what kind of piece is it?








Which 2 pieces on the CD feature a string quartet of 2 violins, a viola, and a cello?








Which composition was played during the announcement of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's death in 1945?