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Music Flashcards--Set #1

These questions focus on composers, their works, and on other important resource information included in the main Music USAD materials.

Each flashcard on the left has a question on it.  Answer the question with your best answer and then check the "real" answer by clicking on the question.  The answer should appear in the right-hand card.  You can then "hide" the answer again for the future by clicking on "hide."


Who wrote "Adante moderato" from string Quartet in E minor??








What track number is "Adante moderato"?








Who wrote "The Entertainer" and when?








Who was the best known American touring pianist during the 1800's?








"Niagra" and "To the Memory of Washington" were composed by who?








What piece includes material from "Yankee Doodle", "The Star-Spangle Banner",and "Hail Columbia"?








Which song by Stephen Foster was made famous by Edwin Christy's minstrels?








What is the name of track six which contains ten short solo piano pieces?








Which piece includes a trumpet off-stage "posing questions" in a different key than the on-stage ensemble?








Which composer was inspired by Thoreau, the Alcotts, Hawthorne, and Emerson?








Who was the blind piano soloist and composer?








Who was the famous Norweigian violinist and composer who toured America starting in 1843?








What do you call an accomplished solo performer?








Who developed America's first public school music program?








What did Benjamin Franklin contribute to the American music tradition?








Who was a famous soprano soloist during the mid- to late 1800s?








It could be argued that the American music tradition began with which composer?








What were the names of the 2 stage characters that became the basis of minstrel shows?








Who composed "Oh! Susanna"








Who wrote hymns according to European standards in order to heighten the bar on sacred music in America?