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Art Flashcards--Set #2

These questions focus on the art pieces in the USAD reproduction manual.

Each flashcard on the left has a question on it.  Answer the question with your best answer and then check the "real" answer by clicking on the question.  The answer should appear in the right-hand card.  You can then "hide" the answer again for the future by clicking on "hide."


Which piece in the art reproductions booklet was created by John James Audubon?








From what time period is the Sikyatki style bowl?








What Neoclassical elements appear in "Family Group before United States Capitol?"








Which piece in the booklet was created by Hiram Powers and during what time period?








Which piece was created by Ansel Adams and what is its most striking compositional element?








Describe what "A Visit from the Old Mistress" piece depicts and why it's significant during the time it was painted.








Which painting in the reproductions booklet depicts a real place and was created from detailed plein air sketches done by the artist in that place?








What dominant material makes up most of the outer border of the cape depicted in the booklet?








What material is the Taos Pueblo mostly made of?








What size is "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California" and why is that important for the piece?








What medium is "Cardinal Grosbeak?"








What medium did George Catlin paint "The Last Race, Mandan O-kee-pa Ceremony" in?








What style is "A Visit from the Old Mistress?"








What makes "Dover Plain, Duchess County, New York" a Romantic piece?